What's Happenin'!

Want to see some of my latest work?  I am now making it easier to stalk me (I know, takes all the fun out of it, huh).  Places to look for me coming up:

August 29- September 2:  Traffic Signal Box Round 2                                                                          Tomorrow I am starting yet another one of these fun public projects!  My traffic box this year is located at Reserve & England, right in front of Costco.  So come point and laugh at me as I get to play on public property.  Bonus: you can fill your gas tank and buy gigantic packages of toilet paper while your there, literally right next to me.


September 11-Missoula Monster Project at the ZACC
    Over 200 kindergarten students from three Missoula County public schools (Lowell, Paxson, and Rattlesnake) have drawn a monster, and over 200 adult artists have created their own interpretation of these monsters using his/her own unique style and medium.  The results will be displayed in a September 11th art show, featuring both the original child-drawn monsters and the artists’ own interpretations, from 3:30 to 8:30 at the ZACC (235 North First St West, Missoula, Montan). Proceeds from the show go to help sponsor MCPS student field trips to the ZACC throughout the school year so they can keep getting exposed to more art!  I am super excited to have been able to do one of these little monsters (#90, called "Who Are You?").  So come check him out!  


    Lastly (for now) I have been invited to participate in a group Surrealist show at the Radius, pending February.  Creating work for this one has been truly rewarding and I can't wait to display in this gallery!  As details arise I will be sure to post, but I can say that there will be a fantastic line-up of artists.

Progress images will be forthcoming, but here's a reminder of my one from last year (Arthur & 6th).  This year promises to be even more epic!


Here's a sneaky peak at him.